88 Kleuren

De ruggengraat van de Noë collectie is natuurlijk het enorme scala van frisse kleuren. Elke kleur vertegenwoordigt een persoonlijkheid of stemming, en we hebben maarliefst 88 verschillende kleuren om uit te kiezen! Vintage leer of suède, lakleer of een printje... Noë zorgt altijd voor een up-to-date kleurenpalet. Hier volgt een overzicht van ons spectrum aan kleuren, waaronder een kleine internationale beschrijving. (Vergeet alstublieft niet dat kleuren variëren op elk scherm i.v.m. resolutie waarden en dat digitale kleuren anders ogen dan de daadwerkelijke realistische kleur op onze eindproducten):

"Bianco" means "white" in Italian. This is our whitest
leather. Don't worry, it's not just for brides anymore!

The title says it all. Our color "Milk" can also be referred to as
"off-white" or "cream".

The Italian word "Ghiaia" commonly refers to "gravel". In
our pallette it's an off-white with a touch of yellow.

"Torrone" is more than a sweet nougat treat, it's also one of
our most neutral colors.

A greyish shade of beige that refers to "Desert" sands.

One of our most poetic color names is "Moon-Light". It's a
mystical mixture of grey, sand and beige.

The Italian word "Sabbia" means "sand", and there is no
better way to describe this yellow-brown color.

"Miele" is Italian for "honey", and just like honey, this color
might stick to you for a long time ;).

Beige" is exactly in the middle of brown, grey and white
shades. It is one of the most neutral colors we have.

"Nude" is very similar to beige, but is made a bit more
exciting with a touch of salmon pink / peach.

Italians describe the pure color of leather with the name
"Cuoio". Our customers also refer to this color as "camel".

This brown was inspired by red clay, or "Red-Bole". It's a
very intense shade of brown that is also very warm.

"Cannella" is Italian for "cinnamon". This delicious flavor is
also quite delicious in your wardrobe!

A misty, foggy taupe-brown inspired by the smoggy skyline
of a big metropolis: "City-Brown".

"Taupe" or middle-brown holds the line between stone grey
and brown.

No translator is needed to know the origin of "Cemento".
This shade works in all seasons & is a steady favorite.

"Grafite" or "graphite" in English is a fascinating mineral
that holds shades of blue, green and even silver.

Our darkest grey is called "Stone". One of the bestsellers
in autumn/winter but perfectly suitable for all seasons.

"Eclipse-Blue" is a deep shade of grey that in outside
light transforms into a shade of blue. Seeing is believing!

"Lavanda" is dominantly grey, but contains a shade of
lavender purple that makes is a little more unique.

The word "Senape" means "mustard" in Italian. A slightly
faded yellow that is perfect with other faded colors.

"Zafferano" or "saffron" is a bright deep yellow that finds
its origin in India. It's an all-season yellow for all skin types.

"Sole" is a more beautiful way of saying "sun". With this
color in your wardrobe, you'll look as beautiful for sure.

"Lemon" is a bright type of yellow mostly worn in spring
& summer. There is a minimal shade of green added.

A more exact way of describing our color "Yellow" would
be "vanilla".

"Mandarino" or "mandarin" is an orange that is soft and
a little faded.

"Arancio" or "orange" is just that: our most plain orange.
Wear it in spring & summer, or wear it if you're Dutch ;)

"Fuoco" is a firy type of orange that has put flames in
many women's hearts. It doesn't get brighter than this!

Looking for an all-season orange? Try "Ruggine", Italian
for "rust". It's brown tendencies make it very wearable.

The earthy, warm, matte red "Ciliegia" (Italian for "cherry")
has been a favourite since the start of our brand.

"Blood" is the darkest red available in our range.

"Amaranto" is a flower, named after the greek word for
unfading. This bright, bold red will indeed never fade!

"Rosso" is the Italian word for "red". However, our color is
a bit faded with a touch of orange. Vintage red!

Recently very popular, recommended by Pantone for many
seasons. "Papavero" is "poppy red" & is timeless!

"Marlboro" refers to the bright red color made famous by...

Derived from either exotic fruit or exoticness in general,
"Passion" is a heartwarming mixture of red and pink.

A mixture between faded red and faded pink: that's what
lead to our color "Warm-Red"

"Focus", one of our latest additions, is a bright flamingo pink!

"Pink-Red" can be best described as a slightly faded pink.

"Corallo" or "coral pink" is bold but not bright, and
beautiful but not Barbie. It has a reddish flair.

"Rosa" is of course the Italian word for "rose", and this is
our most straight-forward pink.

If Barbie bought Noë shoes, she would go for "Hot-Pink"!
This wonderfully crazy color is for daredevils only.

"Fuxia" is a beautiful flower and it's also a beautiful color to
add to your collection. Pink with a purple vibe.

Staying in the flower zone, "Ciclamino" or "cyclamen"
holds the perfect balance between plum purple & fuxia.

"Prugna" is a delicious "plum" in Italian. Its color can be
described as a faded purple.

In Italian "Viola" is the name for purple, and also for the
vibrant flower seen here. A very stylish purple indeed.

Another word for "plum" is "Susina", but in this case it's
darker and more mature if you will.

"Indigo" is in the visible color spectrum exactly between blue
and violet.

Another color deriven from the flower kingdom. It has both
purple &red qualities, which makes it a very special mixture.

"Burgundy-Red" is of course named after the red wine we
all know & love. It's a deep, deep red with a touch of purple.

"Raspberry" is a faded color somewhere in between a
deep purple and deep brown.

The "Lilla" flower shows up in nature in endless variaties of
color. Our version is a vintage pink with a touch of purple.

Another flower in the pink/purple area: "Camelia".

"Salmone" or "salmon pink" has proven a true winner! A
faded brownish pink will go under any outfit.

Named after a very popular kind of liquorish in Italy,
"Confetto" is our go-to color if you need a vintage pink.

"Ortensia" is a mixture of all the beautiful shades this
plant provides. The result is a slightly washed skin color.

The lightest pink in our collection is "Cipria", which is
literally a "powder pink".

"Glass" is the brightest, lightest green in our collection.
This pastel color is most suitable for spring/summer outfits.

The soft and minty "Verde-Pera" (pear-green) is the pastel
green that is 'full' enough to be worn throughout the year.

One of the best selling colors for many years, "Salvia"
reminds us of garden herbs. Very easy to combine!

As delicious as a real green apple, this color freshens up
every outfit and make you stand out from the crowd.

"Menta" is "mint" in Italian, & this color is as edgy as
the taste. Who dares to wear our brightest green?

Grass (or a lawn to be more precise) has the beautiful
Italian name "Prato". A winning color since Noë started.

Emerald is called "Smeraldo" in Italian. A vintage green
that everyone loves!

"Khaki", "army" - this shade has many names but we refer
to it as "Kiwi". One of the most versatile colors available

Just like the pine trees in northern countries, "Pino" sits
right on the edge of petrol blue and deep green.

Added to our palette in 2014, "Forest" brings a variation
of the deep greens that is a little bit brighter.

"Abete" is translated as "fir tree", and represents our
darkest, deepest and most ashy green.

"Ottanio" is our standard petrol blue. It's the best color
for jeans without any doubt

"Fog" sits exactly in between light blue and misty grey,
and has a silvery touch to it

This color is an intense lavender blue called "Pervinca",
the Italian word for the periwinkle flower.

Beautifully named "Cielo" (heaven or sky), this baby blue
is as pastel as you can get.

"Turchese" is the Italian word for "turquoise". In Antwerp
it's called "appelblauw-zeegroen" (appleblue-seagreen)!

"Heavenly blue", "pale blue" or "sky blue" are the correct
translations here. This color has a slight touch of teal.

Simply put, this color is just "bright blue"

Not to be mistaken with the country or the expensive
plates, "China"  is actually the Italian word for "ink".

Named after the ocean around a beautiful island in the
Tyrrhenian Sea, this is a very wearable blue indeed.

As deep as the abyss. If you want a shade of marine blue
that is also quite bright, this is the one to go for.

"Navy" is the darkest blue we have available, almost
bordering black. One of the best colors for autumn/winter.

One can debate if black should be called a color or not,
but fact is that it's one of the best selling colors!

A seed with many names, from fennel to nutmeg, appears
as the darkest shade of olive or army green.

"Testa di Moro" or "dark face" is a brown so dark and
ashy, that it looks like black to the untrained eye.

Mahogany wood in Italian is called "Mogano" and this
color has the same beautiful depth as the actual material.

Nothing screams autumn more than the red-brown
chestnuts we call "Castagna"!

One of the most wearable browns is the matte, slightly
washed "Coffee" - an all-season color.

Pantone color of the year 2015, and thus added to our
palette, is "Carvi" (Persian cumin or "Caraway")!

Very similaru to coffee brown, "Palude" (swamp or mud)
holds a misty green tone inside.

Due to the popularity of earth tones, we've added another
shade of camel brown, that is slightly more yellow/pale.